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Emergency Protocols

first aid


We are happy to see any patient on an Emergency basis either by walking in or calling ahead. Please bear in mind the following:




  • An Emergency fee will be taken right away and all patients will be triaged upon arrival by a Vet Assistant.
  • This fee does not include any treatment or diagnostics.
  • Life threatening (level 1 and 2) emergencies will be seen immediately to stabilize the patient.
  • All other emergencies (level 3-5) will be seen as a Veterinarian becomes available. The wait could be anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes.


Levels are broken down as follows:

 Level 1: Resuscitation

Comatose, in Respiratory/Cardiac Arrest

 Level 2: Emergent Care

Severe Bleeding, Respiratory Distress (Labored breathing) Seizure, Possible Toxicosis

 Level 3: Urgent Care

Small laceration, Lameness, Severe Vomiting/ Diarrhea, Blood Feather

 Level 4: Routine Care:

Ear Infection, Appetite Change, Dermatitis

 Level 5: Convenience Care

Vaccines, Wing/Nail/Beak/Trim, Tick Removal




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