Seasonal Tip - Summer

Summer Concern Number 1: The Sun. We feel the heat, so do our animal companions - in fact, they feel it ten times worse than we do. Dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs are all less tolerant of the heat than humans because they can't sweat. Heatstroke is a serious danger in the summer and it can be fatal if not treated right away.

Watch our for these signs: heavy panting, gasping for air, vomiting, heavy salivation, disorientation, weakness and seizures. If you suspect heatstroke, cool your pet with a fan, mister, or cold towels and bring it to the vet as soon as you can.

Summer Concern Number 2: Pet can also suffer from summer allergies. Weed pollen can make our furry friends miserable, causing excessive sneezing, scratching and chewing. What can you do ? Keep animals inside when the pollen count is high. Highest levels are at midday and afternoon, with dry, warm and windy days the biggest culprits.

Summer Concern Number 3: Like people pets can get sunburn too. As with people, sunburn on pets can cause pain , peeling and skin cancer.  Especially if they have light skin and hair. It's wise to keep animals out of the summer sun between the hours of 10 am and  2 pm. When you do go out, rub a bit on sunblock on the unprotected areas such as the ears, skin , around the lips and tip of nose.

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