At the Bird and Pet Clinic of Roseville we recommend a semiannual professional dental cleaning for senior patients (over seven years) or patients with a previous history of significant periodontal disease. We recommend a yearly cleaning for all other patients.

During the physical examination, the veterinarian will evaluate your pet for periodontal disease and stage any disease that is present. If it is determined that your pet would benefit from a professional dental cleaning, you will be given an estimate based on the stage of your pet’s disease. A surgical technician will then work with you to schedule your pet for the procedure. A professional dental cleaning will involve a registered veterinary technician using an ultrasonic scaler to clean your pet’s teeth and remove any plaque or tartar present, both on the teeth and under the gum line, which is where periodontal disease is located. The technician will probe all the teeth for any bone loss, pockets or loose teeth, and with the owner’s permission, will extract any unhealthy or painful teeth. The technician will then polish all surfaces of the teeth and apply a fluoride (anti cavity) gel.

Owners can be proactive at home by monitoring the health of their pet’s teeth by watching for the following signs that indicate a problem; foul odor, drooling, reluctance or refusal to eat, red or bleeding gums, pawing or rubbing at the face, or discoloration or tartar buildup on the teeth. If any of these signs are noticed, please bring your pet in for an exam. To maintain the health of your pet’s teeth through their life, please try to brush them three to four times weekly at least, daily if possible. This will keep your pet’s breath fresh, help prevent any painful cavities and keep them smiling bright.

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