At the Bird and Pet Clinic of Roseville we recommend a yearly examination for dogs and cats. We want to be proactive in their health to ensure a long and happy life.

We recommend yearly bloodwork to catch any underlying disease processes that may not be readily apparent, and to have a baseline for future comparison.

At the time of the appointment we will have a client care team member update any information that may have changed, so please be sure to arrive 10 minutes early.

The veterinary assistant will get the patient’s vitals and discuss any concerns that you may have.

The doctor will come in shortly after the assistant to perform a thorough examination which includes (but not limited to): ausculting the lungs and heart, evaluating skeletal structure, body condition score, checking the eyes and ears, and an oral exam to evaluate for periodontal disease.
The doctor will then go over the findings and discuss any concerns or recommendations that they may have.

If you are able to bring in a fresh small sized fecal sample we will look at it under the microscope to check for any parasites. We will make recommendations for preventative flea and heartworm products to keep you and your pet parasite free!

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (916) 773-6049.